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Electric Cleaning Brush Ultrasonic Vibration Wash Brush

Electric Cleaning Brush Ultrasonic Vibration Wash Brush

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Product attribute introduction

Product Name: Skin Renewal Cleansing Instrument

Charging: wireless charging

Voltage: 5V

Vibration frequency: 12000 times / minute

Product position: 7 files
Product color: pink, red, black
Body material: ABS + silicone
Battery capacity: 350 mAh

Color light cleansing instrument function introduction:

1. Using the latest charging technology - wireless charging, the body seal is more waterproof.

2, phototherapy mode, can improve your skin and reduce wrinkles when cleaning your face.

3, cleaning mode, the new cleansing instrument increases the top brush area, cleaning more comprehensive and more labor-saving. Seven gears to choose from, give you a caring skin butler.

4, clean plus phototherapy mode, 3 phototherapy modes plus cleaning mode, skin problems once fixed! !


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