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Electric Body Scraping Massager Negative Pressure Cupping

Electric Body Scraping Massager Negative Pressure Cupping

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Our charging model is very distinctive, very practical, a filter cartridge, dedicated to absorb essential oil, a filter cotton, filter cotton is 40 times the size of the market, filter cotton can be removed for cleaning, two protection, fundamentally solved The problem of the product being unusable due to the blocking of the filter element by the essential oil on the market, our charging models have three massage heads that can replace each other. A scraping, a cupping, a canister, flexible and convenient, there is only one massage head on the market, our operating surface is a double LCD screen, 9-speed force adjustment.


Product parameters:
Product size 11 cm in diameter and 13 cm high

Power supply: connected to power with USB cable

Working voltage: DC5V

Power: 3W

Package Content:

1 x Massage Magnetic Therapy Device 


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